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Zynga Shutting Down Baltimore Studio

The news comes as the company is trying to save some money on real estate costs.

Zynga Shutting Down Baltimore Studio

Zynga is shutting down its Baltimore studio as the game company is working to save money on its real estate costs, reported on Monday. The move comes as the company is also consolidating four of its studios in New York and Texas into two.

The company said it is trying to find new jobs for its 30 employees in the Baltimore branch. Zynga is coming off a rough 2012 when its value slid from $7 billion at its initial valuation to $2 billion in its fourth quarter earnings report. It also its lost chief game designer, Brian Reynolds, earlier this year. This year's focus for the company, CEO David Ko told earlier this month, will go back to its more profitable franchises like Farmville.
[Picture courtesy of Flickr user idlepines]