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Visa's NFC Payment System Will Be Built Into All New Samsung Smartphones

Bill Gajda, Visa's head of mobile, reveals deal at Mobile World Congress.

Bill Gajda, head of mobile at global payment firm Visa, just revealed ahead of a formal press announcement at a Mobile World Congress industry event in Barcelona that Visa has achieved a deal with Samsung to ensure that Visa's payWave contact-free payment system will be built into all future NFC-sporting Samsung smartphones. In a move designed to promote all mobile pay, not just using Visa's cards and tech, Visa's system will be able to add cards from other providers too.

Gajda admitted that NFC has been a technology that's been bubbling under the boil for years, and "it was always going to be next year" that the tech achieved breakthrough. Visa has been building its ecosystem for NFC payments for some time, and this move is likely to be one of the more decisive for making contact-free payments more ubiquitous given Samsung's position as the world's top vendor of "smart connected devices."