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Six Underground Radioactive Waste Tanks Leaking In Washington State

Gov. Jay Inslee said there was no immediate public safety threat from the alarming leak.

Six underground radioactive waste tanks at the Hanford nuclear reservation are leaking, Washington Gov. Jay Inslee told reporters on Friday. The announcement came a week after it was revealed that one tank was leaking at the contaminated site, the Seattle Times reported.

The leaks are the latest setback in a prolonged effort to clean up the site that is ranked as one of the world's most contaminated places.

The federal government created Hanford in the 1940s as part of the Manhattan Project and according to ABC News, spends $2 billion annually trying to clean it up. The tanks, which were only supposed to last for 20 years, hold gallons of highly radioactive materials leftover from plutonium production for nukes.

Inslee said there was no immediate safety threat from the leaks.

[Photo by Flickr user nblumhardt]

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