• 02.22.13

Watch: Did Cory Booker Just Say He’ll Run for Senate? [Video]

The Newark Mayor has just under 500 days left in office. Is a Senate run next? Here’s his answer.

Among the many ways Newark Mayor Cory Booker stands apart from previous leaders of New Jersey’s largest city is the fact that he’s not facing an indictment or prison time (See: Sharpe James, Kenneth Gibson, Ronald Salahuddin, etc.).


Fast Company‘s Justin Rocket Silverman asked Booker about his legacy today, and in answering, Booker came about as close as he’s ever come to acknowledging his intent to run for U.S. Senate.

“I’m looking forward to squeezing everything I can out of those 493 days [left in office], and then potentially go serve in the United States Senate,” he said.

Watch for yourself. (The context is key, and Booker is nothing if not inventive when it comes to hinting at the topic–by “potentially” serve does he mean he’s still considering it or does that refer to the fact that he’d still have to get elected?)

Watch for the full interview–part of our Work Smart series–coming soon. In it, Booker offers insight into creating change–no matter what office you’re in.