NFL Scouts Combing Through Prospective Picks’ Social Media Accounts

Attention NFL hopefuls: It might be time to ditch that online girlfriend.

NFL Scouts Combing Through Prospective Picks’ Social Media Accounts

NFL hopefuls take note: Post-Manti Te’o scandal, scouts are watching prospective picks’ social media accounts more carefully, one general manager told

“We’ve done a lot of digging on social media,” Vikings GM Rick Speilman told the league website’s reporter Kareem Copeland, “and have a pretty in-depth picture of these players that are involved or not involved in social media. How many times they tweet or twit, I don’t know, I’m not a technical guy. But it’s interesting to see the patterns on some of these social media players as well.”

The Te’o scandal, in case you missed it, broke earlier this year after uncovered that the Notre Dame player’s girlfriend, whom he often cited in his interviews and supposedly had died of cancer, did not in fact exist. After that, numerous NFL players said they had been targeted by fake Twitter accounts. While it’s not clear what affect it will have on his draft status, it has been rumored that it could send him into later rounds over character concerns (though rumors like that about well-known players always persist around the draft).

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