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The NYPD Is Working With Apple To Hunt iPhone And iPad Thieves

The city's iPhone and iPad thefts are so rampant, the NYPD has created a special team to catch thieves.

The NYPD has assigned a team of cops to work with Apple to go after the growing number of iPhone and iPad thieves, the New York Post reports.

The move comes two months after Mayor Bloomberg blamed the rise in overall crime in New York on a rise of thefts of Apple products.

If police detectives successfully obtain an Apple device's unique tracking number from either the victim or online records, the police pass that information along to Apple, who can then relay back the device's current location. The NYPD has previously tracked a stolen iPad to the Dominican Republic and busted a man selling stolen iPads at a city bus stop.

[Image: Flickr user A. Strakey]

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