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Google Glass Will Be On Sale By End Of 2013, Cost Less Than $1,500

Cutting-edge augmented reality can be yours for about the price of a Chromebook.

It's official: Google has announced its cutting-edge Google Glass augmented-reality wearable augmented-reality video headset will be available for purchase by the end of 2013, for under $1,500, the Verge notes.

Google has steadily been ramping up promotion for the headset/eyewear since it first issued $1,500 pre-orders of Glass last June for Google I/O attendees. We've since seen them out in the wild everywhere from the fashion runway to the NYC subway.

It's likely we'll soon hear more about what the mass-consumer version of Glass will look like: Earlier this week, the New York Times reported that Google's design team is currently in talks with online glasses company Warby Parker to design fashionable versions of Glass we'll actually want to wear.

So whadya think: is that price tag too steep? Just right?

[Image: Google]

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