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NASA Launches Live Google Hangout With Astronauts In Space

NASA is leveraging Google's Hangout system to pitch questions from the public to astronauts on the ground—and in space.

NASA, as promised, is busy conducting a Google hangout so that members of the public can ask questions of astronauts—both in the studio and in orbit around the Earth aboard the International Space Station.

Questions so far have ranged from how weightlessness affects blood flow for astronauts (puffy faces, apparently) to how the ISS protects its crew from the dangers of radiation from space (special shielding but the low orbit helps, too). The effort is a clever PR push by NASA, and demonstrates how astronauts Kevin Ford, Chris Hadfield, and Tom Marshburn are able dial in to Google+ from orbit. Public questions can be posted on Google+ or Twitter with the hashtag #askAstro.