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Oscar Pistorius Granted Bail By Magistrate Desmond Nair, Pending Trial [UPDATED]

The magistrate just handed down his decision. Finally.

Oscar Pistorius Granted Bail By Magistrate Desmond Nair, Pending Trial [UPDATED]

UPDATE: Desmond Nair, the magistrate in charge of Oscar Pistorius's bail hearing, has just granted Pistorius bail, pending an upcoming trial. The terms of the bail were not immediately disclosed, but the magistrate ruled that the athlete would not be a flight risk. "What kind of life would he lead, a person who has to use prostheses, if he has to flee?" asked Nair. "His international career would be over in any event." That last point is debatable: on Wednesday, Nike suspended its contract with Pistorius.

The athlete, who shot his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp in his house on Valentine's Day, and who had been charged with premeditated murder, has been in court for his bail hearing for most of the week. The proceedings have had South Africa—and the rest of the world—gripped.

The magistrate, Desmond Nair, who is apparently known for his long, rambling verdicts—apparently he likes to quote Shakespeare at his audiences, captive or otherwise—delivered the verdict a couple of hours late, having cleared the courtroom for reasons that were unclear. The original detective, Hilton Botha, was given short shrift by the beak, who accused him of "blundering" and "errors." (Botha has been taken off the case after it was revealed that he himself was facing attempted murder charges).

We'll update this post once the hearing concludes. If the hearing concludes. You can also, if you are so inclined, follow the hearing via live tweets here.

[Image by Flickr user David Jones]