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Nielsen Ratings To Include Net-Only TV Viewer Figures

Nielsen is about to step into the 21st century and tap viewing data for TV watchers who only ever see content online.

Nielsen has until now compiled its TV viewing figures from U.S. homes that access TV over the airwaves or via cable, but it is poised to include homes that have cut the cable and only access video content over a Net connection. There are even suggestions that Nielsen may include not just TV-over-IP but also laptop viewers and even systems like the controversial Aereo rebroadcasting system.

Nielsen is effectively playing catchup to the leading edge of TV technology, and is making the move because TV viewers who access video over the Net still view advertising, which is Nielsen's raison d'etre. For this reason systems like Netflix aren't included in its surveys.

[Image: Flickr user FailedImitator]

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