Facebook Pulls Access to NBC Website, Saying It’s Infected

The U.S. broadcaster has fixed the problem, which comes at the end of what future historians will call The Week Of Hack.

Facebook Pulls Access to NBC Website, Saying It’s Infected

NBC is working to fix its website after it was hacked to spread a Trojan virus that targets bank accounts. After a Dutch security researcher warned against visiting the NBC website, yesterday, Facebook reacted swiftly, blocking access to it from its own site. The attack forced Facebook to suspend access to the site by its own users: Anyone who attempted it received a message saying, “This link has been reported as abusive.” This comes a week after the social networking site announced it had fallen victim to an attempted cyber-attack, refusing to confirm or deny reports that it had called in the FBI as user data had been compromised.

In other Facebook news, the firm has announced that Instagram will not be available as a BlackBerry app. The original executive phone last week underwent a massive relaunchmeet BB10–to try and claw back some of the ground that the iPhone and other smartphones have taken off it in the past few years. The word from Instagram, however, is “no (native) Instagram for BB10 for now,” with the source adding that it would probably never happen. Facebook’s interest in Google Glass, however, is red hot, claimed Forbes yesterday, and with Mark Zuckerberg’s philanthropic partnering with Sergey Brin for the Breakthrough Awards, we are, so to speak, beginning to see the partners Zuck wants to take to the prom.

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