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Hack Affects Twitter, Tumblr And Pinterest

A hack of customer support service Zendesk has exposed some user data of three of the social Net's biggest names.

Hack Affects Twitter, Tumblr And Pinterest

Zendesk, a company that offers an online support service that other web companies use for their customer services, has reported in a blog post that a hacker has accessed its system. The vulnerability has since been sealed up, but Zendesk discovered that the hacker accessed support details for three of its customers, and downloaded email addresses of people who'd been contacting their support system.

The three affected services are Twitter, Tumblr and Pinterest. TheNextWeb notes that all three of these big-name social media companies have contacted the customers they believe to have been affected, and there's an emphasis that no password information has been compromised.

Earlier this month Facebook and Apple revealed that they'd been the target for a serious hacking attack, and in January the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal revealed they'd been under a sustained attack. The Obama administration is posturing against the Chinese military, which is believed to be the source of many attacks on U.S. digital property.