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Conduit QuickLaunch Livens Up Android Lock Screens

For those news junkies who never want to miss a thing ...

Conduit QuickLaunch Livens Up Android Lock Screens

For those whose lock screen on their smart phone is just a little too boring: Conduit has released new software that allows access to a selection of Sulia's channels to appear on the user's lock screen. The streams will appear on the screen whenever the phone (so far it's just available on Androids) is "awake" and can be streams of information on Politics, Technology, Sports, Entertainment, Music, Television, Movies, Fashion, Gossip, Parenting, Home & Design, Gardening, Crafts, and other.

From the press release: "Conduit’s QuickLaunch solution enables us to bypass app fatigue and pioneer this new way for users to access content," said Jonathan Glick, CEO of Sulia. "The lock screen is the next frontier for mobile phones, and QuickLaunch allows users to directly access our content channels in real-time, right where they interact with their phone the most."

Do you think lock screens will be prime real estate for software and advertisers in the future? Tell us in the comment section.