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Terrorists May Know How To Avoid Drones, Memo Shows

The Associated Press found the memo with 22 tips on the floor of an al Qaida occupied building in Mali.

Terrorists May Know How To Avoid Drones, Memo Shows

Militants in Mali (and possibly around the world) have figured out ways to avoid being detected by drones, the increasingly popular tool used by the U.S. and many of its allies to fight terrorism. The Associated Press reported that it found a memo listing 22 ways to avoid drones on the floor of a building occupied by members of al Qaida of the Islamic Maghreb in Mali.

Among the tips (many of which the AP points out are probably ineffective): militants are advised to camouflage cars using sticks or bales of hay, fake gatherings using dolls, and hide under trees.

"This new document... shows we are no longer dealing with an isolated local problem, but with an enemy which is reaching across continents to share advice," Bruce Riedel, a CIA veteran, who is now the director of the Intelligence Project at the Brookings Institution told the AP.

[Picture courtesy of Flickr user axeman3d]