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Tumblr Explores Music Discovery With New Features

The blogging platform has finally created a place for users to find the best in music, videos, art, and photos.

Tumblr Explores Music Discovery With New Features

Tumblr's getting into music discovery with a new #music tag page that will highlight the best music, videos, artwork, and photos on the insanely popular blogging platform, which boasts 95 million users. The #music picks will be chosen by roughly 20 editors, Billboard reports. The music editors include journalists and bloggers, venues such as Washington D.C.'s 9:30 Club, and brands such as CMJ and VH1.

Tumblr also launched a new music blog that will live at This is different from Tumblr's editorial blog, Storyboard. Rather than branding the new music blog with Tumblr's voice, it will simply be a home on the platform for users to keep up with announcements, new bands and blogs, tips, and upcoming events.

[Image: Flickr user aguichard]