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U.S. Army: USB Devices Are Security Risks

Army officials in South Korea say their top security headache comes from troops charging their phones via USB cable.

U.S. Army: USB Devices Are Security Risks

According to U.S. Army forces in South Korea, their top cybersecurity headache comes from troops and military employees charging their phones by hooking up USB cables to their computers. During a recent week-long period, the Korea Theater Network Operations Center logged more than 125 users recharging their smartphones through their computers. Because smartphones are recognized as external devices by computers, they can transmit malware or be used to snoop on sensitive networks.

"The main problem is that people are using their government computers to charge their phones with USB cables," said Lt. Col. Mary M. Rezendes; Army information assurance policies forbid any USB devices from being used on their network. Everything from key drives to iPad connectors are technically forbidden due to the risk of .

[Image: Flickr user DavidRGilson]