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Anonymous Is Hacked By Rustle League

Take a whirlwind tour through this week of much hackery!

Anonymous Is Hacked By Rustle League
This was the sight that greeted the 160,000 followers of one of Anonymous's myriad Twitter accounts earlier today. The hackers' official Twitter feed had itself been hacked, by a group with which it has collaborated before, on a teenage mercy mission and which goes by the name of Rustle League. The infiltrators announced their deed with chutzpah and some chess symbols.

Two hours later, Anonymous had restored order to their official chaos and disorder mouthpiece. (Memo to Anonymous: have you changed your password? It's useful to use a combination of numbers, letters and symbols, and P@55w0rD won't do.)

There has been hackery everywhere this week, from the lower level, such as Burger King's Twitter account, which may have brought a smile to your face. And then there's the mid-level hack, which affects normal people on an everyday level—both Facebook and Apple fell victim to what may or may not have been a crime ring from Eastern Europe who are in the business of industrial secrets and, maybe user passwords. And then there's the top-grade stuff, which is the stuff that 21st-century John Le Carre novels should be made of, which involves government agencies and media organizations and which may or may not be down to the inhabitants of a large, unprepossessing white tower block on the outskirts of Shanghai.