Chasing Xbox Spying Allegations, Australian Police Raid Potential Hacker’s Home

Microsoft, Sony, Epic Games, Blizzard, and Valve are the big computing and gaming names allegedly involved in the hacker hunt down under.

Chasing Xbox Spying Allegations, Australian Police Raid Potential Hacker’s Home

It’s Xbox meets The X-Files.

advertisement reports that the home of a West Australian man was raided by eight local police officers and a member of the FBI, apparently connected to allegations of corporate espionage on the next-generation Xbox. The team was armed with a search warrant and a battering ram, which went unused as Dan Henry, a.k.a. online personality and alleged hacker SuperDaE, was at home. The warrant allowed search of all computer materials, and says the police took about 10 servers, a decade of hard drives, laptops, and cell phones. Henry is under investigation for corporate espionage relating to the unreleased future Xbox, codenamed Durango.

Henry had acquired a developer edition of the machine, which doesn’t look like the final Xbox hardware and is released ahead of the consumer edition so that game writers can create software titles ahead of the release. He had tried to sell it on eBay, supposedly as a prank and a way of getting the tech community excited about the Xbox rather than an attempt to earn money. But he is also considered by the FBI to have been involved into a hack attack against computer game maker Valve from some time ago, along with Blizzard and Sony.

Apple caused controversy a few years ago when the home of the editor of, Jason Chen, was raided in connection with the website’s publication of images of an unreleased iPhone prototype–equipment that ultimately was used in the iPhone 4.

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