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Tweeting Teens Help Propel Pheed To No. 1 Social App

The newborn social media site has the 16th most popular free app in the App Store. How? The kids, natch.

Tweeting Teens Help Propel Pheed To No. 1 Social App
It only launched three months ago, but already social hub Pheed has proved a big hit. Such a hit, in fact, that it is now the top social app in the App Store, according to Forbes. And the market which drove it to the top spot? Teenagers. A few well-connected teens with popular Twitter and Instagram feeds discovered the site on Monday, tweeted about it and, Voila! Pheed shot to the top of the social media charts on the U.S. App Store. It's also the 16th most downloaded free app throughout the whole store. Interesting, yes, Facebook? Here's but one example of the tweet-alicius enthusiasm the app is generating:

The site is a clever mash-up of every social media site that ever existed, and which allows users—around a million right now—to curate their own channels, with everything from words, photos, videos, live broadcasts, and audio clips. And, giving users the option to charge for content means that whole tricky monetization question just got a bit easier.

If you're a Pheed user, what do you think it's got that other social sites don't have? And if you don't currently use it, will you be checking it out, or do you think you have a large enough social presence already? Our comments section is at your disposal. Keep it clean!