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New Enterprise Anti-Zero Day Software Launches

Trusteer, a company best known for making anti-keylogging software used by Bank of America and PNC, is launching an anti-zero-day application for use on enterprise desktops.

New Enterprise Anti-Zero Day Software Launches

Trusteer, a security firm best known for creating anti-keylogging and anti-malware software add-ons for business banking customers, is launching a new enterprise application designed to prevent data theft through zero-day exploits. The new software, Apex, is run on in-office desktop computers.

"Advanced malware protection continues to be a losing battle for enterprise organizations because malware is constantly evolving to evade detection and security controls require constant care that enterprises can’t afford," said Trusteer CEO Mickey Boodaei in a press release.

The company's flagship product, Rapport, is run as a separate client application by business customers at Bank of America, PNC, Santander, and other large banks. While its use is widespread, it has been criticized for slowing computer performance.

[Image: Flickr user Solarbotics]