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Amazon Facing Antitrust Investigation In Germany

German authorities are taking issue with the company's pricing policies for retailers.

Amazon Facing Antitrust Investigation In Germany

Amazon's policy forbidding retailers who sell on their site to sell their goods for less on another marketplace has caught the attention of German authorities, who are now investigating the company for antitrust practices, the Associated Press reported. If regulators find that the policy violates anti-trust regulations, Amazon will have to drop the clause.

"Amazon's price parity clause ... takes away the traders' freedom to offer their products at lower prices elsewhere on the Internet," Andreas Mundt, the head of Germany's Federal Anti-Trust Office said in a statement.

The bad news for Amazon comes only days after the company found itself in the news for firing a German security firm it had employed that had reportedly had links to the neo-Nazi movement.

German authorities will survey more than 2,000 retailers in its anti-trust investigation.

[Picture by flickr user xsas]