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Apple Releases Code To Remove Java Hack Malware

After its hack attack, Apple has released a tool that will shut off malware that may have been installed on hacked Macs.

Apple Releases Code To Remove Java Hack Malware

Apple admitted its systems were penetrated by hackers. In the wake of this attack Apple has released a malware removal tool, technically an update to its Java package for Mac computers, that can remove the most common variants of the Flashback malware. The Apple hacks happened when a vulnerability in Java, from Oracle Corp., allowed hackers access to core computing systems, but the same vulnerability may also put regular Mac users at risk.

Apple has had a long-term struggle with Java, which enables certain web technology but is beset by its own controversies. In 2010 Apple discontinued developing its own version of Java, citing scheduling conflicts, but this also meant it was not installed by default on Apple machines.

[Image: Flickr user timlewisnm]