Yahoo Makes Over Its Homepage, In Bid For More Traffic

Yahoo Makes Over Its Homepage, In Bid For More Traffic’s homepage has had a refresh and will be rolling out across the U.S. throughout today. The design is all about keeping visitors more engaged with Yahoo and thus using its services for longer so they can be exposed to more revenue-generating advertising.

The redesign has seen Yahoo adopt a more modern look, with slightly cleaner graphics and the ditching of some accoutrements of old Net tech (for example, the site’s retro “make Y! your homepage” hyperlink is now a proper HTML button).

Bloomberg recently reported that CEO Marissa Meyer is pushing for more social interaction on her company’s site, remarking that Yahoo needs “to have sharing built [in] as a fundamental component.” At first glance, it’s not easy to see if the new design, which you may not be able to see immediately, incorporates this.

Does Yahoo stand a chance of becoming relevant again? Is the idea of a Net “homepage” just too 1999?

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