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New Google Glass Video Shows How Goggles Work

Developers, start your laptops. Google depicts how it'll feel using the augmented reality headset.

New Google Glass Video Shows How Goggles Work

Google's Glass augmented reality hardware isn't yet available and the project's development is generally kept secret, but the company has now released a video that gives us a hint about how its user interface will work. In it many users are seen interacting with Glass's systems. The video shows the point of view of normal vision plus the Glass augmented reality-style window in the field of view.

Users demonstrate searching for information, taking a picture or recording video, and even asking for a Google translation into Thai.

In many ways, these are the same details we've seen in other Glass PR stunts, but this conceptualized video shows it from the "inside" glass point of view, presumably to demonstrate the power of the device and its seamless UI. Google has recently allowed developer access to Glass hardware, and will soon be releasing 8,000 new headsets to promising app developers. Still, a consumer launch is not expected any time too soon.

Does this Apple-esque video make you want to try out Glass? Did the small size of the Glass "screen" surprise you?