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Square Wants To Be The Cash Register Of The Future. Can New "Business In A Box" Help Now?

The payment company's latest service sets up small businesses with credit card readers, cash drawers, receipt printers, and iPad stands.

Square Wants To Be The Cash Register Of The Future. Can New "Business In A Box" Help Now?

With Square Wallet, customers can simply walk up to a cash register and say their name to pay. The experience is seamless and, when executed properly, even pleasant.

But for now, only 8% of customers have even heard of Square, let alone own its app.

Before Square can become the cash register of the future, it needs to become a cash register for now. A new hardware bundle called "Business in a Box" the payment processor is launching on Wednesday will help the service fit more easily into the present. For $299, it delivers two Square credit card readers, an iPad stand, and a cash drawer. A receipt printer costs an additional $300.

Square, which handles $10 billion in annualized payments, hasn’t suddenly launched a hardware business. It previously recommended both the cash drawer and receipt printer for purchase on its website, and now it will sell the package at near cost. The goal is to make it easier for businesses to set up Square as their primary cash register.

"Our customer’s customers maybe want to pay with cash," Square's VP of Register Jesse Dorogusker says. "We want to meet them where they are, we don’t want to jump too far ahead, and then we’ll go with them."