Quincy Jones’s Playground Sessions Launches

The program spent the past three years in development but officially was made available for the public this week.

Quincy Jones’s Playground Sessions Launches

After three years in development, play-to-learn downloadable app Playground Sessions officially launched on Monday, offering users the chance to learn piano with pop songs, instant feedback and video tutorials. The software comes in different levels of difficulty and runs users between $9.99 and $14.99 a month.

Grammy-winning producer Quincy Jones is the co-creator of Playground Sessions and a part-owner of the company. “Music is the world’s common denominator, and there is nothing I am more passionate about than getting music and music instruction into the hands of children and adults who can benefit from its intangible magic,” he said in a statement. “Playground Sessions is the ultimate technology to bring music to people of all ages who have the passion to learn it.”

[Photo by Flickr user 5Volt]


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