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Data Suggests Mobile TV Viewing Figures Still Very Low

Mobile TV may be the next big thing for web-based TV, but it's not happening much yet.

Data Suggests Mobile TV Viewing Figures Still Very Low

A new survey by marketers Thinkbox in the U.K. suggests that that average TV viewer was consuming four hours and four minutes of television per day in 2012, but that just three minutes of the total, or 1.2%, were consumed on smartphones, laptops, and tablets. Mobile consumption was also mainly on-demand viewing versus live streaming—compared to home viewing where 89.9% of content was watched live.

The U.K. may be a useful demonstration of the future of TV around the world because of tech-forward efforts like the BBC iPlayer which challenge many accepted norms of TV content distribution. In this sense these new figures seem gloomy—but reports on the news ignore one facet: Where TV is consumed on a mobile device the price of streaming all that data, via phone networks that try to nickel-and-dime mobile data consumption, may be a factor.

[Image: Flickr user masochismtango]