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A 3-D Printing "Pen" Project Hits Kickstarter

3-D printing has a new champion, in a slightly unlikely Kickstarter project.

A 3-D Printing "Pen" Project Hits Kickstarter

A new Kickstarter campaign from WobbleWorks has taken the core idea of modern 3-D printing tech and applied it to an old-world tool: The pen. The 3Doodler device is essentially the plastic printing head from a 3-D printer in a handheld form, and thus allows much more free-form "printing." Because it spreads quick-setting ABS or PLA plastic, the pen can be used to draw or trace an object, and even stack up layers much as a proper 3-D printer could into a more tangible object.

Arguably the 3Doodler is more of a toy than a practical tool like a 3-D printer, but it is a clear demonstration of how far the idea of 3-D printing has reached so very swiftly. The project's funding goal is just $30,000, and $50 gets you one to play with with your kids.