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Chris Hughes Says Twitter Is Better Than Facebook For Journalism

The former Facebook executive also opened the books slightly on The New Republic's subscription numbers.

So how helpful is Facebook to driving traffic to good news stories? According to one of its former employees, not so much. Speaking at a Dive Media conference last week, New Republic owner and former Facebook executive Chris Hughes said that his former company (whose money helped him buy the struggling magazine, no doubt) wasn't his go-to social media for journalism. "Facebook has an interesting challenge when it comes to newsfeed products," he said, according to an All Things D report. They tend to reward images rather than links and the sort of journalism we do. It means we spend more time about Twitter."

Hughes also said that the magazine had boosted its subscription numbers to 44,000 — a huge gain from the 34,000 that subscribed when he bought it. But he acknowledged that the magazine, which underwent an impressive makeover earlier this year, is still not making money.

[Photo by Flickr user Steve Rhodes]