Tweeting Progress, From Deep Inside Haiti

Tweeting Progress, From Deep Inside Haiti

Fast Company’s Ellen McGirt has been traveling through Haiti this week for research on articles and a book project. For more on her trip through the country follow along at @ellmcgirt or check out some of our favorite posts below.

Ellen McGirt’s View of Haiti

From recycled materials made into trash cans to classrooms brimming with amazing children.

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Super-inspired by @ellmcgirt, who’s about to board a plane to Haiti to learn about children’s education. #gettingafteritKatie Rock
Tap Tap local transport. #haiti McGirt
Today we unpacked 12 trunks, 6 drums and a bevy of roller bags filled with stuff kids need. @ecoledechoix McGirt
What Haitian kids need: books, balls, games, crayons, paper, geis…. @ecoledechoix McGirt
…people who believe in them. Also construction paper and soccer balls. #yousochoix McGirt
We are off to pick up students. The most recent @ecoledechoix purchase is a school bus. #haitiEllen McGirt McGirt
And we have a flat tire. #bummerEllen McGirt
Lunch! Beans and polenta. Clean water. McGirt
After school track practice takes place on the rocky road outside of school. Volunteers coach running technique. “My heart is pounding!”Ellen McGirt
Some kids have unofficially qualified for the national track meet, besting kids from expensive private schools. Schools w/ tracks. #sochoixEllen McGirt
Today’s coach is the principal’s son, a chef in another life. McGirt
@nickydoodle Lucky guess. Couldn’t find the creator. Don’t know if its an individual artist or country wide. McGirt
@nickydoodle But its a simple idea, simple frame. And the bottles are lying around everywhere. And it’s not heavy.Ellen McGirt