Home OLED TVs More Likely After Huge LG Investment

LG is investing nearly two thirds of a billion dollars in next-gen TV screen tech.

Home OLED TVs More Likely After Huge LG Investment

LG Display has said today that it is going to spend 706 billion Korean won to construct an eighth-generation OLED TV panel production line in an existing plant in South Korea. Money will start to go to the project inside the next month or so, with mass production expected in early 2014.

LG released the world’s first 55-inch OLED TV in January, and this move is all about commercializing the next-generation technology and trying to inject some life into the HDTV market. TV sales have begun to drop off in many places as homes complete their transition to HDTV flat panels. Manufacturers have been trying tricks like 3-D imagery and smart TV engines to drive their business. OLED screens are brighter, more energy efficient, and more contrasty than LCD tech, but until now have been prohibitively expensive. Next-gen TV tech may also see higher resolution screens used at home.

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