QR Codes And Sushi Are A Better Mix Than You Think

A British sushi restaurant has found a fishy use for QR codes.

QR Codes And Sushi Are A Better Mix Than You Think

British based Japanese food chain Moshi Moshi is trying something new with its sushi: It’s sticking edible QR codes made with rice paper and squid ink to some of its fresh fish delicacies. The idea was developed in concert with the Marine Stewardship Council, and it’s all about informing and educating the public. Scanning a QR code with a smartphone will take restaurant-goers to a page of data about the fish, including which fishery it came from.

QR codes are increasingly reviled in the media, but they do seem to be a clever way to add augmented reality-style information to real-word objects. Do you love them or hate them?

[Image via Zagat]

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