Foxconn Reveals Big Expansion Plans In Taiwan

Apple’s most famous supplier is expanding in Taiwan.

Foxconn Reveals Big Expansion Plans In Taiwan

Foxconn boss Terry Guo was speaking at a company event and revealed that his company will be proritizing investments in Taiwan in a big expansion push this year. The effort will include the cities of New Taipei, Taichung, and Kaohsiung. Foxconn’s expansion efforts are always of interest given the size of the company and the long list of Western high-tech firms it supplies. It has planned a deep integration of robot workers and has been expanding into Brazil recently.

There have also been suggestions Foxconn will open a U.S. base, possibly to work for its most famous partner, Apple. Apple’s extensive supply chain is also in the news today thanks to a fresh set of data from its recent supplier filings. has turned the data into an interactive map that reveals a global chain that’s far broader than China–with suppliers in unexpected places like Portugal and Hungary.

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