Apple TV Rumors Boosted With “High Priority” Job Posting

Another Apple job posting hints that Apple has interesting tech en route.

Apple TV Rumors Boosted With “High Priority” Job Posting

Apple job postings are one place the usually secretive company has to reveal a few details about its plans, and a fresh one has added some serious spin to the rumors about an Apple TV. It’s an offer for a software engineer/manager who will be in charge of a “team of engineers working on exciting new features and functionality” for next-gen Apple TVs. And whereas the Apple TV has been repeatedly called a “hobby” project by Apple execs, now it’s labeled a “high priority” one.

More intriguing is the mention of working with “cross functional teams” within Apple. While this inevitably will mean design and software teams, the emphasis here may be that the Apple TV will be a more full-featured device than the simple content-serving set-top box. Given that Nat Brown, the creator of the Xbox, has disparaged Microsoft’s recent gaming efforts and suggested Apple could “kill” the Xbox and PlayStation if it brought more features to the Apple TV, this detail is even more relevant. Prominent ex-Appler and commentator Jean-Louis Gassée has a new note that questions Apple TV’s future, but we’ve long suspected adding iOS apps to the TV could be a game-changer for Apple.

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