• 02.19.13

So God Made A Designer

One Super Bowl commercial stood a head above the rest: Dodge Ram’s “Farmer.” Re-imagining the spot as “God Made a Designer,” featuring master impersonator Jim Meskimen.

So God Made A Designer

I like good design. And I respect good designers. Recently, I was so inspired by a Super Bowl commercial that I created a video tribute in celebration of them.


The commercial that got me excited was Dodge RAM’s Super Bowl spot, featuring a speech by legendary radio broadcaster Paul Harvey from the 1978 National Future Farmers of America Convention, “God Made a Farmer.” It became one of the most talked-about post-Super Bowl, logging nearly 14 million views on YouTube by late February.

I, like so many, was touched by its stark sincerity and connection to something real.

Giving Designers a Voice (and a Video)

Frankly, good designers are hard to come by–and they bust their asses to get good solutions embraced by clients (whether it’s a poster, package design, or fashion).

So I was determined to figure out what could be said about fellow designers that would recognize and validate the work and efforts of those who have this calling? You know, like farmers…?

I called up celebrity impressionist Jim Meskimen, whose impersonation of 24 celebrities in 58 lines of Shakespeare went viral to confirm his availability. Next, I drafted the script.

The video you see below is the result, making its premiere here for those who live and breathe design and innovation, and who celebrate the fusing of disparate disciplines. It is for the designer in every one of us.


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