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Chirpify Launches Campaign To Draw Indie Artists To Its Social Commerce Platform

Chirpify lets consumers purchase goods on Twitter and Instagram simply by typing "buy." Now, it's offering free-for-life service to indie artists.

Chirpify, a social commerce company that lets you purchase products on Instagram and Twitter by replying to a photo or tweet with the word "buy," is giving away free service for life to indie music artists who sign up with the service through the end of February.

Chirpify, which counts Taco Bell and Amanda Palmer as customers, will offer independent artists 0% transaction fees (it's normally 5% per transaction) to sell items such as tickets, records, merch, and digital music directly to fans via Twitter and Instagram.

And in related social commerce news: This week, American Express announced its own social commerce initiative that will let cardholders tweet to purchase products by syncing their AmEx card with Twitter and tweeting out specific hashtags associated with the products for sale.

[Image: Flickr user il cantiere]

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