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McChrystal: Drones Are "A Covert Fix For A Complex Problem"

Retired General Stanley McChrystal gave a new interview on the CIA's drone warfare program that will be released next week.

McChrystal: Drones Are "A Covert Fix For A Complex Problem"

Retired Gen. Stanley McChrystal called drones "a covert fix for a complex problem" in an article to be published next week. Politico media columnist Dylan Byers received exclusive excerpts from a long interview with McChrystal which will be published in Foreign Affairs next week. In the excerpts, there is also implied criticism of Obama by McChrystal.

"Many new presidents are initially enamored with the Central Intelligence Agency, because they are offered a covert fix for a complex problem. But if you go back in history, I can’t find a covert fix that solved a problem long term. There were some necessary covert actions, but there’s no "easy button" for some of these problems. That’s the danger of interpreting what we did in Iraq as being the panacea for future war. It’s not," McChrystal told Foreign Policy's Gideon Rose. Fast Company spoke with McChrystal as part of our Generation Flux feature in 2012.

[Image: International Security Assistance Force]

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