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10 Most Popular Stories Of The Week: Nike, Weird Postures, And More

This week we unveiled the Most Innovative Companies Of 2013, and Austin Carr paid a visit to the inner sanctum of the No. 1 company on the list, Nike (for what was the most read story this week). Read the full list of Most Innovative Companies here. Then catch up on this week’s top 10.

1. Nike: The No. 1 Most Innovative Company Of 2013
Fast Company
From design to digital, Austin Carr expounds on why Nike is the most innovative company this year.

2. Infographic: An Amazing, Invisible Truth About Wikipedia
Wikipedia’s geotagging has revealed that local knowledge is king. Maybe the Internet is not making us as worldly as we thought.

3. 15 Weird Postures Forced Upon Us By Technology
Technology is killing us (or our spinal discs at least). These images clearly hit home.

4. Nike CEO Mark Parker On His Company’s Digital Future: Body-Controlled Music, Color-Coded Heart Rates
Fast Company
Nike’s next step? Further body integration.

5. The World’s Top 10 Most Innovative Companies In Health Care
Fast Company
We’ve all heard it before–health care is ripe for innovation. These companies are actually making a difference.

6. How CEOs Stay So Productive
Fast Company
These best practices will keep you productive when it matters most.

7. The Future Of Google Plus, And Its Path To Social-Media Domination
Fast Company
Google Plus is expanding in a Google-like way–obsoleting rivals and boasting impressive services for free.

8. The 10 Happiest Cities In The World
I believe it is time for a move.

9. The World’s Top 10 Most Innovative Companies In Education
Fast Company
These companies are leading the charge in education innovation.

10. See A brief History Of Internet Phenomenon “Harlem Shake”
Watch people lose it in Joe B’s tour of the “Harlem Shake.” How is that song not getting old to me?

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