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Airbus To Ditch The Lithium Battery Tech That Grounded Boeing's Dreamliner

Airbus hopes its A350 can fly free of the battery issues troubling a competitor.

According to a report in the Wall Street Journal, European aircraft manufacturer Airbus is going to change its plans and not use lithium battery tech in its upcoming super-efficient A350 jet—its answer to the Boeing Dreamliner.

The Boeing vehicle is currently grounded for a number of technical failures, the most dramatic of which have been several lithium battery failures that resulted in fires. Both aircraft are using battery tech to more efficiently power auxiliary aircraft systems, replacing an older system that used a fuel-burning engine.

Airbus is said to be planning the move to keep to a tight schedule, timed so it can launch the A350 by mid-2014. But lithium battery tech, which is usually very reliable, has been dogged by controversy over potential dangers for years, with reports even of consumer-grade devices catching fire. The USPS, meanwhile, has refused to deliver certain lithium battery devices.

[Image: Flickr user norrisc]

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