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Rovio Is Courting Brands With Its Own In-House Advertising Division

The "Angry Birds" creators are courting brands through a new in-house ad division, opening up a new revenue stream for the company.

Rovio has created the Brand Advertising Partnership Team, an in-house division courting brands who could potentially advertise on any of the company's various Angry Birds mobile and online games, as well as its YouTube channel. The team had previously depended on third-party networks for in-app display ads, but by bringing the operations in-house, there's a much more lucrative opportunity for Rovio to profit off something outside of paid game downloads and Angry Birds merchandise.

The move comes at a seemingly appropriate time for the Finland-based lifestyle and entertainment brand, whose Angry Birds mobile franchise has been downloaded more than 1 billion times and whose YouTube videos have garnered nearly 1 billion views. The company currently has a host of projects in the pipeline, including an animated cartoon series that will debut this spring and an animated feature film slated for 2016.

[Image: Markus Henttonen]

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