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How To Find A Fake Internet Girlfriend

The true love story of a BBC reporter and Sophia, his fake British girlfriend.

How To Find A Fake Internet Girlfriend

Looking for a little love this Valentine's Day? Dave Lee, a technology reporter for the shared his amusing story about looking for fake love on the internet — and the numerous "girlfriends" he met in the process (many of whom violate Facebook's policy of people's profiles being ... real.)

Among the false contenders he found along the way:

— Cloud Girlfriend, a fake girlfriend service that ended with the service being deluged with more than 85,000 requests and was shut down by Facebook's attorneys

—Namaro Fake, a Brazilian-based service that offered fake girlfriends — but didn't have an English-language service

He finally found "love" through Fiverr, an American-based site where users pay $5 for other users to run errands, write handmade cards or any other service (in this case, act as a fake girlfriend).

Have you had any fake dating experiences online? Tell us in the comments. Or at least read Lee's story here. And for more Valentine's Day stories check out how love affects business and this story about services that can make you seem sweeter every holiday.

[Photo by flickr user rdoke]