Vimeo Buys Echograph, An App That Turns Your Photos Into Animated GIFs

Vimeo makes a play to capture a piece of the short-form multimedia space currently dominated by Twitter’s Vine.

Vimeo Buys Echograph, An App That Turns Your Photos Into Animated GIFs

Vimeo, the IAC-owned online video platform, has acquired Clear-Media’s Echograph, an iOS app that lets you turn your photographs into animated GIFs.

Vimeo’s acquisition of Echograph, which it’s keeping as a standalone product, is similar to Twitter‘s purchase and launch of Vine, the video-sharing mobile app that lets you share six-second miniature, real-time films. But where Vine tries to make it as easy and fast as possible for anyone to record and share videos, Echograph panders more to the artistically inclined–think less Instagram, more Photoshop Elements.

Echograph CEO Nick Alt, who will head up Vimeo’s mobile group, has a few words for anyone who dismisses GIFs as a passing fad: “When you start seeing professionals gravitate to a format, like we’re seeing with Echograph, it starts becoming less a fad and more about evolving a new storytelling medium,” Alt told Co.Design last year.

Echograph, which initially began as an iPad-only app and sold for $2.99, will now be free in the App Store for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch.

[Image: Echograph]

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