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SodaStream, Samsung Build A New Refrigerator That Dispenses Sparkling Water

Hear that? That's the sound of innovation bubbling in your water glass.

Remember when Samsung unveiled a concept for a refrigerator with Evernote integration at this year's CES?

Well, the electronics giant has now partnered with fellow Most Innovative Company SodaStream on a new four-door refrigerator that will dispense cold, filtered carbonated water through the same mechanism many refrigerators currently employ to dispense still water and ice.

The four-door refrigerator will let you choose from three levels of fizziness, and the dispenser will be powered by a replaceable SodaStream CO2 cylinder.

But bubbles don't come cheap: The new model, which will be available in April, is going for $3,899.

[Image: Greg Broom]

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