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Good News For Google As Hewlett Packard Adopts Android OS For Its Mobile Devices

But the news is a sore point for HP, which is playing catch-up in the mobile sector, after its disastrous Palm acquisition in 2010.

Hewlett Packard has announced that future mobile devices will run on Android software. Although the news is a big thumbs-up for Google, meaning that even more tablets and smartphones will be powered by Mountain View's little green men, it casts a bit shadow over HP's abillity to innovate, and shows just how far back it has dropped in the race for mobile dominance. First product off the HP-Android production line is expected to be a high-end tablet, powered by Nvidia's Tegus 4 chip. Meg Whitman, the firm's CEO has already indicated that there are no plans for a smartphone this year, although one source claimed that the firm was "exploring" the idea of an Android-powered cell.

Great things were expected of HP after it shelled out $1.2 billion for Palm back in 2010. Initial offerings looked good, but they didn't sell, resulting in HP putting the brakes on its mobile dreams and announcing plans to license out its software, Web OS.

[Image by Flickr user carlstr]

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