The Internship: Owen Wilson And Vince Vaughn Put The Goof Into Google

The Shawn Levy-directed movie is out in June.

The Internship: Owen Wilson And Vince Vaughn Put The Goof Into Google

Google, its work culture, its campus and its employees are all fair game in upcoming movie The Internship, whose trailer was released online yesterday. “We’re looking at some sort of mental Hunger Games for genius kids for just a handful of jobs,” says Vince Vaughn to his buddy, who else but Butterscotch Stallion Owen Wilson, after they apply for–and get–work experience at The Googleplex. What follows is one of those typical culture-shock comedies, with the olds–Vaughn, who co-wrote the screenplay, and Wilson–finding themselves at the mercy of a younger generation, but later realizing that they can teach those young dogs some old tricks. And then, in one of those wonderfully symbiotic moments, the two stars took part in a Google+ Hangout last night alongside Conan O’Brien, so if you want to see three chums hanging out and eating fake peanuts and discussing manly magazines, then stick your feet up on the desk and enjoy.

With more and more Hollywood light being thrown on Silicon Valley–think The Social Network, upcoming Jobs biopic jOBS, starring former Fast Company cover star Ashton Kutcher, and even that hum-ho reality show-cum-startup, Silicon Valley–it’s clear just how mainstream the tech revolution has become in the past two years, not to mention the symbiosis between the two industries, despite the fact that Steve Jobs saw Hollywood and the Valley as ships that pass in the night. And this is two-way traffic–let’s not forget Randi Zuckerberg’s project that will bring Hollywood to Silicon Valley. Expect showings at movie theaters in Mountain View to be sold out in the second week of June, when The Internship is released. And for extra fun, you can eavesdrop on all the vrai-Googlers as they leave the cinema to see what they say about the film.

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