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Sweeten Your Mail With The Belgian Post's New Chocolate-Flavored Stamps

No, they won't be ready in time for Valentine's Day, but the Belgian Post Group's new chocolate-flavored stamps will make any letter a little sweeter.

Belgium's post office, bpost, will soon make sending letters a little sweeter with chocolate-flavored postage stamps. The country has paid homage to its national sweet treat in the form of chocolate-scented stamps in the past, but the new stamps, out for sale March 25, are the first to incorporate actual flavors.

The Telegraph reports bpost is also at work on glow-in-the-dark and heat-sensitive ink stamps.

Perhaps the ailing U.S. Postal Service might want to take a hint?

If you want a taste for yourself, you can email

[Image: Flickr user KJGarbutt]