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AOptix Gets $3 Million To Create Smartphone Tool For Quick IDs

The new tool will allow information about a person's face, eyes, thumbs and voice to be uploaded on a smartphone.

The Department of Defense is giving a $3 million research contract to technological innovation company AOptix to develop Smart Mobile Identity devices that can help upload identifying information about a person's eyes, face, thumbs and voice, the company announced Wednesday.

The company already works with law enforcement agencies in North America to provide biometric identification and mugshot services. Currently, as Wired pointed out, the DoD uses larger camera-like device, Handheld Interagency Identity Detection System (HIIDE), which troops have to hold up close to the people whose faces they want to scan. The new AOptix device will be much smaller and will work with regular smartphones.

[Photo by Flickr user alykat]
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