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Ford's Connected Cars Get Amazon's Cloud Music Player

Amazon will enable content streaming to Ford's digitally smart autos.

Ford's Connected Cars Get Amazon's Cloud Music Player

Ford Sync AppLink-enabled automobiles will be able to access Amazon's Cloud Player for streaming content on the go, the retail giant has revealed. All drivers will need is to wirelessly connect their Android smartphone sporting Amazon's MP3 app and they'll be able to access their Cloud Player library through the car's entertainment system.

The app also brings voice commands to the in-car audio experience, but Amazon's also touting the fact you need no CDs, no wires, no local storage (although your broadband tariff will obviously have to bear the brunt of the data payload). It's a clever move for Amazon, because it brings greater accessibility to its music services in an era when Apple's iTunes is otherwise assumed to have mopped up the market.

[Image: Flickr user Sinchen.Lin]