Khosla, Fairhaven Invest $15 Million In Cybersecurity Startup

Cylance, a new cybersecurity firm catering to finance, banking, and public utilities, just received $15 million in funding. The company has ties to McAfee, Kaiser Permanente, and the Department of Homeland Security.

Khosla, Fairhaven Invest $15 Million In Cybersecurity Startup

Khosla Ventures and Fairhaven Capital are investing $15 million in a recently launched cybersecurity startup. Cylance, headed by former McAfee CTO Stuart McClure, went public today after a period in stealth mode and specializes in security products for large financial, banking, telecommunication, health care, and energy firms. The launch was announced this morning. Board members include former Kaiser Permanente CSO Patrick Heim, former PGP CEO Alex Doll, and Retired Admiral William J. Fallon. Last month, Reuters reported that the company has been aggressively hiring specialists in cyberattacks on public utilities inside the United States.

“As a serial entrepreneur, Vinod Khosla understands what it takes to succeed, and as a long time investor in security startups, Fairhaven has become a well-respected security investor. We could not have asked for a stronger team from which to springboard our mission to solving the most intricate security issues,” McClure said on the company’s website.

[Image: Flickr user Uwe Hermann]