Apple Makes Stealthy, Sizable Upgrade To MacBooks–But Why?

A price cut and a spec bump is an unusual move at this point.

Apple Makes Stealthy, Sizable Upgrade To MacBooks–But Why?

Apple has just upgraded the internal specs of its MacBook Pro with Retina and MacBook Air portable computers, and slashed prices too. The 13-inch Retina Pro now starts at $1,499 instead of $1,699 and has a new 2.6 GHz processor option. The 15-inch Retina Pro now has a 2.4 GHz quad-core CPU with an optional 2.7 GHz chip, but is priced as before. The high-end 13-inch MacBook Air also saw a $100 price cut to $1,399.

Apple does regularly upgrade its computers, but this bump has come as something of a surprise. The price cuts make sense as Apple optimizes its supply chain, and tries to boost sales of its machines in an ailing market. But this move may suggest Apple is not going to devote time to redesigning the exterior or interior of its Macs early in 2013–instead leaving a big upgrade until later in the year. Which leads to the question: What will Apple surprise the market with in the first half of this year?

Two big rumory options are: Something you wear on your wrist. And something you hang on your living room wall.

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